Counting Down to 2020 Xmas


Connecting Together

At Xmas, sending gifts to your family members, friends, and colleagues can be a way of expressing gratitude with a sense of togetherness. An array of practical gifts ranging from daily wear, household goods to personal care items, and ordering service of Xmas cakes and catering menu from Café&Meal MUJI and hampers are available at MUJI for your easy preparation of gift-giving and holiday gatherings so you can spend more time with your loved ones to create previous memory together.

  • Gifts for Family Members

    Share MUJI wear made of natural materials with your family members for a pleasant life. MUJI winter wear, mainly made of organic cotton, wool, and down, features a simple cutting and a comfy texture suitable for wearers of different body shapes and ages so you can choose items that fit your family members easily. A healthy life starts with good sleep. As winter approaches, seasonal pajamas and bedding goods with a soft and comfortable touch can bring your loved ones a good night’s sleep for health.

    Men’s / Ladies’ Organic Cotton Flannel Shirt

    Original Price:HK$180 – HK$380 Special Price:30% Off (HK$126 – HK$266)

    Children’s Organic Cotton Flannel Shirt

    Original Price:HK$180 – HK$280 Special Price:30% Off (HK$126 – HK$196) With both sides underwent brushed process, the flannel series brings fluffy comfort to the body. Shirts are sturdy to be worn on its own or as an outer. Available in various seasonal colours and patterns for your loved ones to enjoy versatile coordination this season.

    Men's / Ladies' Wool Mix Knitwear

    Original Price:HK$280 – HK$750 Special Price:30% Off (HK$196 – HK$525) Made of merino wool blended with silk or yak wool for soft comfort and warmth. Selected styles are processed to prevent shrinking and thus became machine-washable and more durable. Tops are available in crew neck, V neck and bottleneck designs, while cardigans are also available.

    Men's / Ladies' Lightweight Australian Down Wear

    Original Price:HK$320 – HK$880 Special Price:20% Off (HK$256 – HK$704)

    Lightweight Australian Down Muffler

    Original Price:HK$180 Special Price:20% Off(HK$144) Made of Australian down with 750 Fill Power constituting a heat-trapping layer to keep you warm. Lightweight and compact, they are suitable to coordinate with other tops or jackets. Available in stand collar style for men's and hooded style for ladies for versatile daily look.

    Non-Itchy On Forehead Rib Knit Beanie

    Original Price:HK$158 Special Price:20% Off (HK$127)

    Wool Muffler

    Original Price:HK$150 – HK$280 Special Price:30% Off (HK$105 – HK$196) Made of soft wool to reduce itchiness and bring warmth and comfort. Easily match with different outfits for a versatile daily look. Machine-washable for convenient daily cleaning and maintenance.

    Selected Children's Winter Accessories

    Original Price:HK$80 – HK$120 Special Price:20% Off (HK$64 – HK$96) Select knit mufflers, gloves, and right-angle room socks in winter colours and patterns for your kids to infuse a festive mood to daily outfits while keeping warmth and comfort.

    Men's / Ladies' Organic Cotton Flannel Seamless Pajamas

    Original Price:HK$280

    Children's Organic Cotton Flannel Seamless Pajamas

    Original Price:HK$250 Special Price:20% Off (HK$200) Made of special weaving method to remove side seams; and labels are printed directly on the inner side of the fabric for enhanced comfort. Surface brushed for warmth and softness, allowing quality sleep every night.

    Organic Cotton Flannel Bedding Pack

    Original Price:HK$580 – HK$880 A suitable set of bed linen helps the body to relax and fall asleep easier. Flannel fabric with brushed surface brings a fluffy and soft touch. Pack includes Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover and Pillow Case.

    Down Duvet

    Original Price:HK$980 – HK$4880 Special Price:10% Off (HK$882 – HK$4392) Made of waterbird down feather washed using underground natural water from cavern springs in Japan to remove dirt and keep you warm. Available in different thickness for your choice.


    Original Price:HK$100 – HK$780 Change your pillow regularly to maintain quality sleep. Available in feather, polyester, PE and low repulsion materials for selection according to the preferred size and level of support of your loved ones

    Quilted Pad

    Original Price:HK$300 – HK$2280 Special Price:10% Off (HK$270 – HK$2052) Putting a bed pad on the mattress could help absorb body moisture to reduce the breeding of bacteria on the mattress surface. Delights your family members with quilted pad for a good night’s sleep.


    Original Price:HK$100 – HK$880 Made of fluffy material, it can be used with down duvets to give extra warmth and softness. It can also be used when you are taking nap or just sitting back ion sofa during a relaxing family time at home.

    Selected Slippers

    Original Price:HK$40 – HK$250 Special Price:10% Off (HK$36 – HK$225) Help your family members stay relaxed with a pair of comfortable slippers to wear. Available in various materials such as cotton, linen, microfiber and down, suitable for different seasons.

  • Gifts for Friends

    Select suitable gifts for your friends according to their lifestyle, personality, and interest so they can actually use the gifts in everyday life. MUJI offers a wide range of simple-designed, practical daily goods such as personal care items, household goods, kitchenware, and tableware, catering the needs of different individuals for a convenient and comfortable life.

    Herbal Face Care

    Original Price:HK$55 – HK$250 Infused with 8 organic plant extracts such as Lavender that helps refine skin and chamomile that hydrates, the series moisturizes your skin and keeps it glow. Free of artificial fragrance, colouring, mineral oil, and paraben. Suitable for friends with dry skin.

    Sensitive Face Care

    Original Price:HK$55 – HK$220 Combines moisturising grapefruit seed extract with skin-protecting purslane extract to moisturise your skin. Ideal for friends whose skin is prone to dryness caused by seasonal transition or stress.

    Bath Care

    Original Price:HK$8 – HK$145 Special Price:10% Off / 2pcs or above (HK$7.5 – HK$131) Sending bath items such as massager as gifts to friends so they can enjoy a soothing and relaxing bath time to prepare for a good night’s sleep.

    Aroma Diffuser - L

    Original Price:HK$680 Special Price:10% Off (HK$612) This large aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves to vaporize water and the essential oil in the tank to produce a cool, dry, fragrant mist. Japanese cypress, lavender, and geranium essential oils are recommended for use during the wintertime for their peaceful, soothing aroma.

    Portable Aroma Diffuser

    Original Price:HK$280

    Essential Oil

    Original Price:HK$88 – HK$458 Special Price:10% off / 2pcs or above (HK$80 – HK$413) Delight your busy friends with this Portable Aroma Diffuser. With an embedded compact fan, it can be run without water so your friend can enjoy the aroma of essential oils easily while at home or in the office. Can be used cordless or with a USB power source. “The “Relaxing Time” that brings a soothing mood and “Thinking Time” that helps concentrate are recommended blends for working individuals.

    Interior Fragrance Oil

    Original Price:HK$85 – HK$250 Simply put the rattan sticks into the bottle and allow the fragrance to diffuse. Floral, herbal, and citrus are typical bedroom scents. In nighttime, use a different fragrance with daytime can help adjust your mood for falling asleep more easily.

    Pop-Up Toaster

    Original Price:HK$480 The simple-designed, smooth-sided toaster features round edges and functional flat sides, allowing it to match with any interior style and fit neatly against a wall or inside a corner. Equipped with 6-level heating control, 2 large bread slots and defrosting function, it is easy to clean so your friend can prepare delicious breakfast or tea at home easily.

    Stainless Aluminum Cookware

    Original Price:HK$25 – HK$400 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$23 – HK$360) A gift for friends who love to cook. Made of durable stainless steel material and available in various cookware such as saucepan or saucepots, baskets and trays, allowing a convenient preparation for various daily dishes.

    Silicone Cooking Utensils

    Original Price:HK$35 – HK$75 Special Price: 10% Off / 4pcs or above (HK$32 – HK$68) Made of silicone material, the cooking utensils including brush, scraper, and tongs are heat-resistant, lightweight, and soft to pans and pots. Get your friend a set of these helpful tools to make cooking easier.

    Acacia tableware

    Original Price:HK$28 – HK$360 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$26 – HK$324) Carved from natural wood, each piece from the series features a beautiful grain and colour unique to acacia wood, making the food presentation look more appetizing and blending a sense of nature into photo shooting scenes.

    White Porcelain tableware

    Original Price:HK$20 – HK$135 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$18 – HK$122) Designed with simplicity, the series makes the food colour look more vibrant, making it an ideal frame for any style of cuisines. Available in more than 30 types of shapes and sizes, and suitable for microwave ovens and dishwashers, the series is a suitable gift for friends who host home gatherings from time to time.

    Heatproof Glass tableware

    Original Price:HK$32 – HK$140 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$30 – HK$126) Made with heat resistant glass and can be used for microwave. Available in carafe, cup, and saucer. Get your friend a set so he/she can enjoy hot drinks at ease.

  • Gift for Colleagues

    Work life becomes more enjoyable with helpful colleagues around. Sending them practical office accessories or refreshments can be a way to show appreciation.

    Selected Schedule Book

    Original Price:HK$20 – HK$160 Special Price:20% Off (HK$16 – HK$128) The simple-designed schedule book consists of full year plan, monthly pages, weekly pages, and free note grids that facilitate goal planning and progress tracking for enhancing working efficiency Send a schedule book to your colleague as a practical gift for daily use in work life.

    PC Case

    Original Price:HK$250 A recommended gift for colleagues who are always on the go. The PC case can be kept opened and fixed without taking out the laptop, so it is convenient to use the laptop at anytime, anywhere. Features multiple inner compartments for keeping stationery and documents in an organized way.

    Canvas Basket with Handle

    Original Price:HK$100 – HK$250 Designed with handles for carrying items around easily. Use it to keep all needed tools for the same learning purpose and have quick access in one go whenever needed. It helps reduce preparation time and raise efficiency.

    Stationery Set

    Original Price:HK$25 – HK$168 Special Price:20% Off (HK$20 – HK$135) Choose stationery items that fit the working habits of your colleagues. A stationery set that is simple-designed and practical can fulfill daily working needs and enhance productivity.

    PP File Box

    Original Price:HK$32 – HK$120 Useful in keeping your documents and other daily goods neatly. It can be used alone or fitted into storage furniture such as Unit Shelf and Wooden Stacking Shelf.

    Acrylic Storage

    Original Price:HK$8 – HK$330 The high transparency makes the stored items inside clearly visible and easy to access, keeping the scattered items well organized. Useful in keeping your working desk neatly.

    Instant soup

    Original Price:HK$35 – HK$68 Processed with freeze-drying procedure, the soup can be conveniently served by just adding hot water. Free of fragrance, chemical flavourings and artificial colourings for bringing out the original flavours of ingredients. Over 10 types of Western and Japanese flavours are available.

    Organic Tea Bags

    Original Price:HK$35

    Selected Cakes

    Original Price:HK$10 – HK$15 Made from over 20 different kinds of organic ingredients, the tea bags bring out the original flavours of ingredients and cater to different taste preferences. Besides, over 15 cake flavours are available for selection so your colleagues can recharge energy during rest time.

    Instant Curry

    Original Price:HK$20 – HK$55 MUJI brings you a wide range of authentic curry so you can enjoy tastes from different parts of the world at ease. Simply heat it with hot water or microwave and add to cooked rice or bread for a simple yet delicious meal. Especially suitable for busy colleagues who constantly look for convenient meal options.

    Stainless Steel Tumbler

    Original Price:HK$110 / HK$130 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$99 / HK$117) Made of stainless steel and double-layer vacuum structure to reduce heat loss, allowing you to enjoy a warm drink easily at home or work.

    Sealing Up Preservation Container

    Original Price:HK$38 – HK$90 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$35 – HK$81) The lid with valve is microwave-safe and helps prevent food odour and liquid leakage. Microwave-safe and lightweight, the food container is convenient to use and suitable for colleagues who usually bring their own lunch boxes for health.

    Cotton Canvas Lunch Bag

    Original Price:HK$160 Special Price:10% off / 4pcs or above (HK$144) Comes with a removable and washable aluminium inner bag, which has a thermal insulation function. Convenient for colleagues who bring their own lunch to carry a lunch box. The simple design of the lunch bag makes it easy to match with daily styles of office clothes.

Promotion is valid till 27th Dec 2020, all item information, selling prices and availability are subject to in-store display. Offer available while stock lasts.

Embroidery Service

Makes your gift unique
MUJI Telford Plaza only

Get embroidery designs on designated MUJI fabric items such as tops, handkerchiefs, sneakers, bags, towels and fabrics for becoming unique gifts to your beloved ones. More than 300 embroidery designs are available for selection, including Xmas embroidery designs and the Hong Kong limited edition series.


#MUJIGiftDelivered Instagram Giveaway

As Xmas approaches, prepare a thoughtful gift for family, a friend, or community member around to express your gratitude and care. From now until 13th December, visit MUJI store to select a suitable item as Xmas gift for him/her and post on Instagram with hashtag #MUJIGiftDelivered for a chance to have MUJI sending the gift to your designated recipient.

    How to participate:
  • 1) Follow MUJI Hong Kong Instagram @muji_hongkong.
  • 2) Select any MUJI item (except furniture, plants, fresh and frozen food) as Xmas gift for a specific person and take a photo of the gift at store.
  • 3) Post the photo to your Instagram (set as public) mentioning your target gift recipient and reason with the hashtag #MUJIGiftDelivered.
  • 4) MUJI Hong Kong will choose 10 winners to deliver designated gifts to designated address in Hong Kong. Winners will receive separate notice on 15th Dec and will be announced on MUJI Hong Kong Instagram on 21st December.

#MUJIGiftDelivered Instagram Giveaway Terms and Conditions:

  1. #MUJIGiftDelivered Instagram Giveaway Game ("Program") is organized by MUJI (Hong Kong) Company Limited (“MUJI”). Participants holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card (“Participants”) are eligible to enroll in the Program.
  2. The Program starts from 16th November 2020 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to 13th December 2020 23:59:59 (GMT+8), both dates inclusive (“Promotion Period”).
  3. Participants must go through the following steps within the Promotion Period:
    1. Follow MUJI Hong Kong on Instagram (@muji_hongkong).
    2. Visit any MUJI store to select an item as Xmas gift (except furniture, plants, fresh and frozen food) for family, a friend or specific person, and take a photo of the gift at store.
    3. Post the photo to your Instagram account mentioning your target gift recipient and reason with the hashtag #MUJIGiftDelivered. The post should be set as public so MUJI can obtain the post content shared.
    Participants shall maintain the said post and following our account as required until the date of winner announcement (21st December 2020, Monday), or upon completion of the gift delivery (applicable for winners).
  4. The is no restriction on the number of times that each Instagram account can participate in this Program during the Promotion Period but each Instagram account is eligible for a maximum of one prize in this Program.
  5. MUJI shall select 10 winners based on the relevance of designated gift and gifting reason, post content completeness and photo presentation. MUJI shall have no liability for any entry containing plagiarism or copy content, encouraging violence, containing any profane language, indecent contents or malicious comments. Such entry shall be disqualified without prior notice.
  6. Each winner will be notified by Instagram direct message on 15th December 2020. The list of winners will be announced on MUJI Hong Kong Instagram Account on 21st December 2020, Monday.
  7. MUJI will arrange courier delivery of designated gift for winners (for delivery within Hong Kong only). Winners can also choose to collect the prizes in person at MUJI’s office during office hours (10:00 – 18:00) within the designated period. Each winner shall provide his or her Instagram account name, name and address of the gift recipient, and gift message to MUJI by email as instructed in the said direct message for providing the official notice and details on gift redemption by email and further handling of delivery. If the winner does not provide MUJI with such information within the specified period, then the winner's prize will be forfeited and MUJI reserves its right to handle the prize at its sole discretion without further notice.
  8. If any winner has provided any incomplete, incorrect and false personal information causing MUJI unable to contact the winner or verify his/her identity, his/her qualification to the prize will be cancelled and no replacement of this winner will be considered. The winner shall also ensure the correctness and completeness of the gift recipient’s name and address he or she provided. MUJI shall not be liable or arrange re-delivery for any failure or delay in delivery caused by any incorrect or incomplete information provided by the winner.
  9. By participating in this Program, it shall be deemed that the participants have read carefully, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. MUJI reserves its right to revise the details, mechanism and rules of the Program as well as these Terms and Conditions without prior notice. In the event of dispute, the decision of MUJI shall be final.
  10. The prizes given in the Program are not redeemable for cash, or returnable, exchangeable or amendable for any changes, nor transferrable or resalable to any other person. No return or change will be made for any redeemed prize.
  11. Personal information collected will be used for this Program only, and processed according to our privacy policy. For details, please click here.
  12. Participants understand and agree that MUJI has the right to edit, report, use and publish any contents regarding this Program including the gift winner's name, photos, video clips and any other related information, without prior consent of the participants and/or paying any payment or compensation to the participants. The copyright of the said photos and video clips belongs to MUJI.
  13. All record regarding the Program (including but not limited to photo uploading time and time to follow the specific account) shall be determined according to our computer server and record. All matters regarding the Program and our judgment on the Program shall be final and binding on all parties concerned. In the event of dispute, the decision of MUJI shall be final.
  14. If any data submitted by the participants or winning notification is lost, inaccurate, un-differentiable or damaged caused by any computer, network, telephone or technical issue which is not attributed to the default of MUJI, MUJI shall not have any liability and the participant cannot object.
  15. If any person fails to participate in the Program caused by hardware or software of individual computer or mobile device, MUJI shall not have any liability.
  16. For the costs of the mobile data usage arising from the Program, MUJI shall not have any liability.
  17. MUJI reserves the right to, without prior notice, disqualify any participant who has used fake accounts, provided fake and/or duplicate personal information, hacked into or amended any computer programs by any means or participate this Program in dishonest way. The participant will be liable for all responsibilities and consequences arising therefrom.
  18. Employees and family members of MUJI are not eligible to participate in this Program.
  19. In case of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of these terms and condition, Chinese version shall prevail.
  20. For enquiries, please call 3973 8336 during business hours.

Holiday Limited Ordering Service

Café&Meal MUJI Xmas & New Year Catering Order
Sharing the natural and healthy tastes with family and friends

A delicate range of dessert platter, Xmas whole cakes, dessert platter, and selected cold and hot delis prepared with seasonal ingredients is now available at Café&Meal MUJI for you to enjoy the natural and healthy favours and create precious memories together with family, friends, or colleagues in holiday gatherings. Available for ordering until 29th December. Order on or before 13th December to enjoy an early-bird offer of 10% off.

Ordering Period: Now until 29th December
Delivery / pickup Period: 19th November – 1st January

Xmas Dessert Platter

Honwakatou & Aomori Apple Tart

Uji Matcha Cheese Cake

Yuzu Yule Log

Jumbo Souffle Omelette (For 4)

Selected Deli & Snack

Xmas Hamper Order
A blessing to business partner

Send your blessings to business partners with MUJI's Xmas Gift Sets. Available for ordering until 27th December. Displays of hampers are available at MUJI Telford Plaza. Besides, our staff will be pleased to provide gifting solutions based on your gifting needs and target recipients.

Ordering Period: Now until 21st December
Delivery Period: 24th November – 25th December
Self-pickup Period: 24th November – 27th December

Black Tea with Honey and Snacks Gift Set

Holiday Fruits & Sweets Gift Set

Café&Meal MUJI Cake & Cookies with Fruit Wine Gift Set

Year-end Holiday Ideas

Holidays are not only for gatherings but also an occasion for healthy activities and a good rest. At MUJI, you will find different practical items such as functional wear, books, and food items for a fulfilling holiday.

Store Services

MUJI for You Gift Consultation Service
Offering gift ideas based on your gift giving needs

MUJI Telford Plaza Exclusive

Select from an array of daily goods ranging from daily wear, household goods, personal care items, and food as gift items for your family, friends or business partners so they can feel your care, blessing, and bonding through using the gifts in 365 days of life. Based on your gift giving purpose and the recipients, MUJI Customer Service Associate will bring you gift ideas that will truly delight your loved ones and make every day a thankful day.

Food Market
Bringing you a range of festive treats

Limited store only

In addition to MUJI’s original food series, Food Market searches for the necessary ingredients in everyday diet from local, Japan, and worldwide from the viewpoints of MUJI to bring a wide range of safe, delicious and healthy options to your dining table. From now until 27th December, a delicate selection of snacks, homemade kits, and alcoholic beverages suitable for home gatherings is available. Selected items are also available at MUJI Festival Walk and Pacific Place.

2021 MUJI Fortune Can
Available from early December

Share your new year blessings with your family and friends through the 2021 MUJI Fortune Fortune Can. Each contains a lucky charm, 1 book mark and a MUJI Hong Kong privilege coupon. Available from early December at MUJI stores while stock lasts.

Designated Online Stores

Selected gift and food items available at our designated online stores to make preparation for gifts and home gatherings easier.