Sleep, starts from life

Close relationship between life and sleep

Research shows that one in five Japanese regard themselves with poor sleep quality. Indeed, there are a lot of people still think that they are not getting enough sleep, regardless of sleep duration. Sleep is a basic physiological phenomenon. Many people want to know how to sleep better. So, how can we improve sleep quality?
In the next section, Miss Megumi Kaji of NPO Sleep Culture Studies Association mentioned that daily lifestyle can promote better sleep. She also suggests that "thinking about sleep means thinking about how to live".
Understanding the secret of sleep, it finds out your own way to sleep better and tighter.

Cultivate your sleep

The moment of wake up determines the sleep quality at night

Exposure to sunlight in the morning upon awakening, our circadian biological clock will be reset as a new day. About 16 hours later, our circadian biological clock will tell you that "it's about time to sleep".

  • Sober up by taking a hot shower

    If you still feel tired after wake up, it is recommended to take a hot shower to warm up your body. There are blood vessels concentrated on the sides of your neck and back areas. Shower improves blood circulation and wakes your body up.

  • Sleep longer on Saturday only

    Sleep longer during weekends can catch up on lost sleep, but it also hinders body's natural rhythms. In order to get up energetically on Monday, sleep longer on Saturday only. The difference of wake up time between weekdays and weekends should not be more than two hours. For example, if you wake up at 7am on weekdays, you can sleep till 9am on weekends.

  • Use aroma

    Aroma promotes sleep. Use different essential oils in the morning and evening to change the mood. It is recommended to use the refreshing grapefruit and tea tree essential oils in the morning; use bergamot, sweet orange or lavender in the evening with a calming and relaxing effect.

  • Familiar songs

    Music helps body relax and sleep. Listen to good tempo songs upon awakening; listen to pure music or slow-paced songs before sleep at night. The soft music helps you fall asleep gradually.

Lifestyle and sleep are closely related

Daytime activities determine sleep quality at night. The concept is the same as appetite. Keep your brain and body active during daytime causes sleepiness. It helps you fall asleep easily at night.

  • Create a good mood in the morning

    The way to wake up in the morning is closely related to the sleep quality at night. Exercise upon awakening is the first step to improve sleep quality. Enjoy a delicious breakfast also helps you wake up in the morning.

  • Moderate exercise in the evening

    Exercise while the body temperature is high. It helps increase body temperature and improves sleep quality at night. Office workers can do arm and leg stretching exercises at seat or have a short walk after work, which also helps you sleep better.

  • Split your meal

    The ideal dinner time is at least 3 hours before sleep. If work is busy, it is recommended to split dinner into 2 meals. Have some light food at normal dinner time to give a signal to your body that is a dinner and have some more light food after work to smoothen digestion.

  • A 15-minute nap

    The brain is the most refreshed upon awakening. Daytime drowsiness is part of human's natural rhythms. A 15-minute nap sitting on chair is more effective than lying on bed. Do not forget to set alarm.

Trigger your body with sleepiness

Drop in body temperature triggers sleepiness. The warm up and cool down of body temperature induces sleepiness. Take a warm bath and let your body cool down. This triggers sleepiness naturally.

  • Prepare a difficult book

    When you cannot fall asleep, read a difficult book, overseas travel album or familiar novel which helps to trigger sleepiness. Avoid reading books related to work, or thick books that cause your hands or arms limp.

  • Clear your mind

    If possible, try to set aside other issues and clear your mind before sleep. Recall all the good things happened during the day and tomorrow's schedule, and keep a calm mood helps fall asleep.

  • Dim the light

    Exposure to light before sleep affects body's natural rhythms and hinders sleep. Turn down the lights gradually after dinner, including lamps, computer and smart phone. Turn off all the lights before sleep to avoid light entering your eyes and prepare to sleep.

  • Keep the body warm

    Herbal tea is a well-known sleep aid since long time ago, especially chamomile and lavender which has a relaxing fragrance. Inhale the fragrance slowly through your nose and mouth can enjoy the state of calmness.

Relax and prepare to sleep

Let the relaxing comic story accompany you, or listen to relaxing music for sleeping. Take off the glasses, chat with your family, write a diary, read a difficult book, etc. Everyone has their own ways to promote sleep.

  • Keep your feet and neck warm

    Wear thick socks to keep you warm in bed. Choose comfortable socks without bunching up can keep your feet in good circulation. Take off the socks before sleep helps heat radiates better. Besides, put a soft fabric in between neck and blanket to ensure a warm sleep.

  • Create fresh air

    Room temperature and humidity affect good sleep quality. During Autumn and Winter, set the room temperature at 18-23°C approximately and turn on humidifier. Besides, using circulator fan can enhance air circulation in which to avoid the wind of the air conditioner from blowing directly on your body. Keep a stable room temperature and fresh air.

  • Wear pajamas

    Pajamas with soft textures and good moisture absorption abilities help sleeping comfortably. It also changes your mood for a better sleep. Starting from today, put on pajamas to sleep instead of wearing sportswear or T-shirt.

  • Avoid turning lights on when go to bathroom

    If you wake up for bathroom during the night and turn the lights on, the brightness stimulates your eyes and makes you difficult to get back to sleep. Use portable torch to avoid strong light entering your eyes, while provides sufficient light source for the path.

Change the bed linen for different seasons!

Adjust room temperature, body temperature and humidity to create a good sleeping environment. Choose bed linen with suitable materials, textures and resilience for different seasons and enjoy a pleasant sleep.

  • Spring

    • 【Pillow】

      Soft feather pillow makes you feel refreshed after wake up.

    • 【Duvet】

      Feather duvet is suitable for rainy and wet season.

    • 【Bed Cover】

      Choose linen or cotton materials.

    Change bed linen - Spring is the season where creatures become active again after hibernation. In the unstable cool and warm weather, changes bedding materials to linen or cotton is suitable for Spring and Summer. Together with a thin feather duvet, it brings you a good sleep.

  • Summer

    • 【Pillow】

      Buckwheat husk has a good air permeability which keeps you cool.

    • 【Duvet】

      Use pile blanket which absorbs and releases moisture during sleeping. Remember to keep the blanket on.

    • 【Bed Cover】

      Use linen bed cover for mattress.

    Find the coolest space at your home - in the hot weather which it is difficult to fall asleep, try to sleep on a mattress under cool space. Or use a blanket with high ability in absorbing and evaporating moisture, such as gauze blanket with rough texture or pile blanket.

  • Autumn

    • 【Pillow】

      Urethane foam low repulsion quilt pillow brings a soft and comfortable texture.

    • 【Duvet】

      Same as Spring, use a light and warm feather duvet.

    • 【Bed Cover】

      Choose cotton materials which absorb moisture naturally.

    Use the materials for Autumn clothing for bed linen - in Autumn, the weather starts getting cold, it is recommended to use fluffy and warm flannel bed linen. In the long Autumn nights, use a soft urethane foam low repulsion quilt pillow to help you sleep better.

  • Winter

    • 【Pillow】

      Use a down pillow which supports your head gently.

    • 【Duvet】

      Two-layered feather blanket traps warm air.

    • 【Blanket】

      Use the warm fiber moss stitch blanket which retains a lot of air.

    Live with warm air - in the cold weather, use duvet and blanket to retain warm air between layers. Choose the bed cover with suitable materials and thicker blanket. The warm pile traps the air and keeps you warm throughout the night.