Living with MUJI Linen

In this age of new lifestyles, it’s more important than ever for us to make a positive impact on users, producers, the planet, and the environment, with a desire for our customers to live comfortable lives afforded by natural materials. Since linen is an annual plant, it has a low environmental impact. However, in order to better care for the environment and producers, we’ve started to include more products made with organically grown linen, a resource which has become scarce in modern times. Through every generations and different individuals, #MUJlwear strives to be in the middle of what is considered "normal" and to bring about a convivial feel to your day-to–day life.

For this Linen wear campaign, we’ve met up with different personalities and caught a glimpse of their daily lives - how MUJI wear can be incorporated into their daily life while finding comfort in their beautiful abode. Read on to get to know more about the different personalities featured as they share their thoughts, inspirations, way of life and what we can look forward in the future!


Meet Zi Xi, @messymsxi

Artist, Illustrator

Meet Kiat, @dazingfeelsgood


Meet Priscilla & Davian, @BeFound Studios

Priscilla (Beauty Educator, BeFound Studios)
Davian (Co-Founder, BeFound Studios)