Hope everyone is safe and well and staying at home during this circuit breaker period!
As many of us are working from home, we hope that we could bring contents that could help you cultivate a better lifestyle by sharing simple yet practical daily lifestyle tips that are contributed by MUJI Staffs. If our content inspires you, do let us know, and you can also share with us your MUJI daily tips on your social media by tagging @mujisg and hashtag #StayHomeMUJI.

Wardrobe Organization

Once in 6-month time, I will do ‘Dansyari (断捨離)’ of clothes – a Japanese expression to describe the action of getting rid of physical and mental clutter as a way to simplify life.

D.I.Y. No-Sew Fabric Mask

Here’s sharing with you on one quick method to create a fabric mask without sewing.

Recipe: Cheesy Butter Chicken Curry Rice

Simple recipe to cook at home. Are your MUJI’s instant curry packs lying in your kitchen cabinet, waiting to be cooked? Why not make something out of it during the weekends!

Window Cleaning

Keep your home spotless daily with MUJI cleaning tools. Simple and smart design allow for easy access, quick cleaning and quick storage.

Fridge Organization

Take this chance while staying at home to clear the food in the fridge and do some organizing.

Aging Care Series

Pamper yourself and keep your complexion in check with some beauty self-care routines while working from home. MUJI aging care is not only for matured age groups, if you have dry skin, this series will be suitable too.

MUJI Storage Solutions - Polypropylene Series

Storage shapes your life. Adapt and modify storage units for years of use. Utilise limited space as effectively as possible. This is the MUJI philosophy when it comes to storage. Achieving a simple, pleasant life that embodies the personality of the individual, with versatile products designed to provide just what is necessary.

Portable Aroma Diffuser

Bring relaxing scents with you anytime and anywhere. MUJI Portable Aroma Diffuser is rechargeable and wireless that delivers your choice of scent to a closer personal space without the use of water.